11 Most Expensive & Luxurious Houses in World


There are some of the super wealthy homes across the world and their prices are ranged to $1 billion, which are added with various rare and most expensive facilities in which helipads and tennis courts are also included.

The people can watch at these masterpieces and they can know about these homes and enjoy the comfort and luxuries. The people can watch 11 most expensive and luxurious homes in the world and about their owners.

1)        Most Expensive House Buckingham Palace

2)      Most Expensive House Antilla Estimated at $1 billion

3)      Most Expensive House Vila Leopolda Estimated at $736 million

4)      Most Expensive House The White House Estimated at $320 million

5)      Most Expensive House Fairfield, NY Estimated at $248 million

6)      Most Expensive House Kensington Palace Gardens Estimated at $222 million

7)      Most Expensive House Ellison Estate Estimated at $200 million

8)  Most Expensive House Hearst Castle Estimated at $165 million

9) Most Expensive House Franchuk Villa Estimated at $161 million

10)    Most Expensive House Seven The Pinnacle Estimated at $155 million

11)    Most Expensive House Crespi Hicks Estate Priced at $135 million

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