11 Most Precious Homes and their Residents


London, There are many most precious homes across the world, which belong to the richest people and they also have great influence. The facilities provided in these homes are also very innovative and unique. The residents of these homes are deep and great influence across the world.

11.    Crispy Hooks State

The leading and well known architect, Morris Feetive had designed this home as his personal accommodation and it remained under this use till his death in 1943. This house is spread on 25 acres land and now it is under use of Tom Hicks, who is the owner of Texas Rangers and Liverpool FC Dallas Stars. He spent ten million dollars on the renovation of this home during last ten years and now this home is worth watching. The worth of this home is $130.5 million.

10.    Seven The Pinnacles

This is the beautiful property of Yellow Stone Club and it is vast property, which is added with various pools, gym and the pub. This house has its own lift and it the common property of Tim Billicks Seth and Real Estate Company, Edra, who deal their business in the timber. Both of them are the co-founder of Yellow Stone club but they had to face some grave issues like bankruptcy, divorces and other issues, which has declined its worth and value. This beautiful home has the worth of $150.5 million.

9.      French Villas

This most expensive property is owned by the daughter of the Ukrainian president, Oleana Frenchick and she runs the anti aids foundation. This beautiful and excellent palace has 10 bedrooms, underground swimming pool, gym, cinema and panic room. This house is decorated with gold, marble and other precious art work. This expensive palace has the cost of $160.1 million.

8.      Hurst Castle

This house is shaped like a castle and it has the worth of $160.5 million. This expensive home has 29 rooms and it is also shown in the blockbuster Hollywood movie, God father. The American president, John F. Kennedy spent his honeymoon in this home. There are some other personalities like Winston Churchill, Clarke Gabel and Jackie Kennedy also stayed in this home. The owner of a newspaper constructed this home and now this is the tourist site and it is also part of the California Park System.

7.      Elision State

This is the most beautiful and expensive property, which is comprised of 10 buildings. Larry Elision is the owner of this home, who is also co-founder of the Oracle company and he got constructed this home, which has the worth of $200 million. It is added with man-made dam, a big tank, baths and tea house in this property. Larry Elision was the third richest man of the world till 2013.

6.      Kansington Palace Guards

The iron production trading company owner, Laxmi Matel has bought this beautiful and expensive home for just $220.2 million in 2008. It is also known through some unreliable sources that he wants to get constructed his castle.

5.      Fair Field New York

This is the beautiful property spreading over 63 acre land and the total cost of this home is $240.8 million. This house has 29 bed rooms, personal electricity center, basket ball court, bowling allay, squash court, three swimming pools and 39 baths. This house has 91 feet long central room for dining. Era Renaurt, the owner of Rancho Company is the owner of this movie, who also deals in the mining, minerals and car manufacturing.

4.      White House

White House has the total worth of about $320 million and it is the official residence of the US president. This beautiful building was made in 1800 and it also got popularity in 1800. This presidential palace has its own historical importance but it does not have luxurious facilities but it is known for its historical importance.

3.      Villa Leo Polda

This building is one of the most expensive buildings in Europe and it spreads over the total area of 50 acres. This beautiful and expensive building is added with commercial green house, swimming pool, pool house and one outdoor kitchen. It is also added with one helipad and the guest house of this building is bigger than the homes of various billionaires. This cost of this property is about $730.6 million and Lilly Safra, widow of leading banker, William Safra is the owner of this home and she does the charitable works.

2.      Ontilla

This is the most expensive building, which is standing in Mumbai. Mukesh Anbani is the owner of this home and this is the 27 storeyed building, and it has total worth of $1 billion. He employed 600 workers to looks after this building.

1.      Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of British queen, Elizabeth 2, who was raised to thrones in 1952. This can be called a house but it is official and it cannot be sold. This market survey of this building was carried out in 2012 according to which this palace has the worth of $1.5 billion. This is the vast palace, which has about 775 rooms, in which 19 State rooms, 52 bed rooms, 188 staff rooms, 92 offices and 78 baths in this palace.


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