11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space -On a Tiny Budget

11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space -On a Tiny Budget

In a small apartment, some of us are currently there and we’ve all been there. Smart apartment dwelling is on the rise as more and more young adults flock to cities and forgo owning cars and homes to just enjoy an active lifestyle or pay off student loans. You certainly don’t have to while your mom may find the prospect bleak. To maximize space and create a cozy little corner in the big bad city that’s all your, check out some true and tried ways.

11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space -On a Tiny Budget

11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space -On a Tiny Budget

Metal Shelving Units

To decorate small spaces, definitely embrace ‘open space storage’, as called by the interior design world. Pick up a simple metal rack to hold your stuff instead of drawers and cupboards. Organize your linens, dinnerware, your clothes and dry food goods. There are horizontal bar racks made for hanging clothes and tall standing racks that have horizontal shelving. Opening storage becomes a statement of your personal style if you put your prettiest things on display and expressing individuality we’re all about.

Pick a Standout Hue

Something you have to take what you can get in the game of musical apartments. Like a place with seriously old school bathroom tiles or outdated counter tops. To decorate small spaces with a standout, small color is a one way around feature you can’t change. Eyes are drawn to the new focal points you’ve created away from undesirable elements by choosing one bright hue.

Be Creative with Storage

Pick up a bookcase with removable or adjustable shelves to hang your hat. To create open space you can place hooks, take out top shelves that’ll let you use as a nook for placing umbrella and hang jackets and hats. In bottom shelves you leave in place, you can fit shoes.


Take this trick as goody and oldie. It’s the ideal place for a mounted mirror if you have wall space directly opposite a window. The mirror will create a cool infinity thing and give the overall impression of largeness by reflecting natural light back into the apartment. There is also no problem if there is no window. To act as both décor and a ‘bigger-is-bigger’ feeling, create a wall mosaic of small mirrors.

Mount It

To flat screen, many of us have made the switch, but instead opting for the easier stand, some of us haven’t taken the leap of having the screen mounted on the wall. Putting the TV on the wall draws the eye upward, giving the impression of a bigger pad and frees up precious space below. For building super or a freelance handyman to get it up there, get help from friends.

Skirt the Issue

To put a skirt on a curtain over it is another way to hide unwanted space. At every craft store, there is Velcro. Attach Velcro to a pretty piece of fabric, create a foldover hem and like below the sink where the cabinet doors have mysteriously disappeared, put it over unsightly areas.

Clear Solutions

Another visual trick is that to decorate small places, use a glass top table or buy plexiglass furniture items. To create the feeling of more space, the clear materials like mirrors will help.

Give it Legs

As opposed to ones that sit directly on the floor, look for furniture items with legs. While still making the space feel decorated, you can see the theme with your décor is to leave as much space visible as possible.

Keep it to Scale

In small spaces, some designers like to play with big accessories but your best bet is to start small if you’re new to home. With too many things, don’t overcrowd the space.

Let No Nook Be Underutilized

Due to years of many tenants, so many older places have odd little nooks, divided spaces and crannies. To your advantage, use this. To insert a shelf you can use as a desk, the recessed spot between rooms is not too small.

Think Before You Buy

Before you go on a shopping spree, definitely move into your pad and unpack. One small-living-spacer admitted she ended up having to throw things out that she bought first because with what she’d brought from her old place, they wouldn’t fit.

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