14 Best Eyeliners Won’t Let You Down


The women can get the perfect black line, which is simple concept of makeup and it can enhance the look of eyes. If you want to create cat eye, subtle line or look for Fendi Spring 2017, eyeliner is best choice, which can be tricky for shopping. If they like liquid liner to glide it easily and they can also opt for smudged and smoky look with the pencil.

  • They need to pick the color to start it and they can look for neutrals like black or brown eyeliner, which is excellent for everyday wear. They can try it with shimmer or bold colors like cobalt and teal, which are good weekend options. If they are not sure what to pick, then they can pick classic black.


  • With the use of color, they also need to select the type of ‘look’ and use eyeliner but each eyeliner can give different result. The beginners should start it with pencils and they can opt for gel-pencil hybrids and it is easiest to use. Liquid liners can be used for graphic liners and it is ideal for classic cat eye which the gel versions to stay there with versatility and power.


  • They also keep in mind the waterproof water. If there is hot or humidity or you use contact lens, then water resistant formula is excellent to try.

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