Wednesday 26 September 2018

5 Best Look Dresses for Spring/Summer 2013


1. Capes

The Capes is such type of dress which has layers and it can be worn during winter season. It is hard to imagine that this dress can be worn during hot season even in the spring season. But the fashion brand, Burberry Prorsum has set the perfect example of this type of dresses for the hot season. The capes dress, capes in Duchess Satin is reasonable color that makes this dress popular and desirable for others.


Capes Dress

2. Oriental-inspired clothing

The dresses introduced by Miuccia Prada and it inspired the Prada of Japanese for latest and fashionable Geisha girls. This brought the oriental fashion during the hot season. There are some other brands besides Issa, Etro and Behnaz Sarafpour, which brought Asian influence. You got all these kimonos and orient print silks and it is welcomed for the hot season.

Oriental Inspired Fashion Dress

Oriental Inspired Fashion Dress

3.   Leather skirts

Leather dresses and costumes are designed for the severe cold season of winter. There are various dresses fabricated from leather are used  during winter in which leather skirts and other light weight leather dresses are used during winter. But, now these light leather dresses like leather skirts are used in the spring and even summer season. The leather skirts and other light leather dresses in light hues will be ideal for summer and it will be good at night also. The black color leather skirt is reasonable for the spring season.

Leather Skirts

Leather Skirts

4.  Playful retro pieces

If you like to buy and  wear the retro pieces having the style of 1950 including pencil skirts, costume, vintage style hats and jewellery pieces. These dresses have delicate and bright colors according to the fashion of 1960. These elegant and stylish dresses are great for the spring and summer season. During spring and summer season, most of the women and girls like to wear dresses exposing most of their legs or waist and give the look of retro fashionable babe.

Playful Retro Pieces

Playful Retro Pieces Dress

5.  Metallics

The dresses having the metallic outlook will show the grace and good for the spring and summer season. The metallic color dresses like silk, leather, bronze, gold, silver, lurex have the metallic tone and look good for the spring and summer season of 2013. The metallic dress has the touch of dresses of 2012 and they are good for the upcoming summer season.

Metallics Dress

Metallics Dress

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