5 Things to Know About the Actress Jenny Slate Dating Chris Evans

Jenny Slate

Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are shooting for their new drama “Gifted” and now it was confirmed on Wednesday that both are dating. It is the right place if you want to know important things about the actress who is nowadays along with “Captain America”. Following are the 5 important things to know about the actress.

  1. Currently, she is single as she has split from her husband dean Fleischer after 4 years of marriage.
  2. She was a member of “Satuday Night Live”. She also dropped a f-bomb accidently during this show. She also performed in famous film “Obvious Child”.
  3. During an interview on MTV in 2014, she confirmed that she is a feminist. She told about several misconceptions about feminism that prevail among the people.
  4. There are several things common between her and Chris Evans like both grew up in the Boston suburbs and also both are 34 years of age.

She created a famous animated film on Youtube with name :Marcel the Shell with Shoes On”.

Who Is Jenny Slate 5 Things to Know About the Actress Who’s Dating Chris Evans

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