8 Best Drugstore Razors


Sugaring and waxing are quite sharp and painful while laser hair removal is very expensive. In this case, the best option left to us is the most trusted ‘razor’. Though, we see very little change in the razors in the past decade but they are different according to their type and quality.

Dermatologist Dr. Melissa Levin says that people are usually worried that shaving may bring pimples, small bumps, ingrown hairs or dry skin. It is important to moisturize your skin before start shaving as it provides skin barrier. Therefore, dry shave should be avoided even if you are in a hurry. You can have skin irritation with shaving due to ingrown hairs, cuts and razor burn but this can be avoided by using a soft moisturizing gel while shaving. You can increase the life of your razor by keep it dry as it will protect from rusting. Shave in the opposite direction of your hair unless you have very sensitive skin.

Following are 8 best drugstore razors that will do the job for you.

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