For the stylish working girl 16 perfect bags

For the stylish working girl, 16 perfect bags

Thanks to the New Year, while you’re all fired up about self-improvement, we suggest it’s time to invest in a killer bag. Not a trying-too-hard, trendy style but to your everyday carryall, a seriously chic upgrade. A handbag that makes …

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Tracy Anderson’s body-changing tips

Tracy Anderson is well known for her superhuman-toned body and her take-no-excuses personality. On the science of how your various muscle groups work together, her workout philosophy relies.

The new VS models

The new VS models

At Victoria’s Secret, you got to hand it to the people. To pick a star, they know how. The women they pick for the high-profile runway shows have

In 6 fashionable acts, the power of a printed coat

In 6 fashionable acts, the power of a printed coat

Coats are one of those big buys that you have to be really smart about and we understand the hesitation. It’s got to be versatile but luxe-looking, madern-leaning

It’s not a workout unless you hate it anti diet project

It’s not a workout unless you hate it: anti-diet project

Global warming, murder, whatever – I hate running more than anything. To the dread and rage I feel when someone suggests “a light morning jog”, every evil pales


To 50 parties, 50 dresses to wear

If you take a quick moment to tally up all the parties you’ve already RSVP’d, but it’s not even Thanksgiving. Until the New Year, get ready for nonstop

Interview Outfits Dresses Styles Trends

10 creative interview looks hired

With a dream interview, a dream job in a creative industry begins. And the dream interview begins with your outfit. As all that experience you’ve racked up on

Black Color Party Jackets

To rock the party-jacket trend, these are 5 celebrity-inspired looks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, believe it or not. And you’ll be busily spending the next two weeks on the hunt for the perfect outfit to your

Glasses Frame

Stylish Sunnies Frames To Addition in Collection

Choosing a new pair of specs is pretty exciting, for those of us blessed with less-than-perfect eyesight. Sometimes it scares us how blurry those signs are


11 Sweet Pairs of Kneesocks To Give You Comfort

Of the season, socks just might be our favorite cozy layer. On those toasty knits that give us the warm and fuzzies, there’s something about pulling,

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