Affordable Nail Polish by Christian Louboutin


Christian Louboutin released its first now-iconic nail polish line in July 2014, the fashion world was surprised about its price. It was provided at $50 a bottle and the show designer and beauty magnate gave the Pops, Nudes and Norris away and we got the luxury range of this nail polish. Within a year, we called it foul again and Louboutin announced the offering of limited edition holiday and the bottle of Rouge Louboutin polish, which was dubbed starlight. The price of the bottle was only $675 and the actual Louboutin shoes, which has less cost.

This is the latest limited edition release and it is the high end designer, who are finally speaking and the three shade Loubichrome range retails for about $30 a bottle. The chromed out hues and it stands out of the safe and classic offering of the brand. Lubichrome I is the energetic yellow infused with the lime green and Lubichrome II is the fiery rose red and the third is the Lubichrome hue is the glistening violet. These adjectives have been failed to convey the megawatt glow of the hues. The clients can get the ridiculous Met Ball mani of Gigi Hadid for less price.

When you concoct the range, the Louboutin has drawn the inspiration from the ultra luxurious qualities of the specchio and laminated leather with mirror like quality and it has the ability to capture the light and it takes the new dimension. Varnish is infused with light-reflecting the pigment pearls. The super glossy formula promises to get it in two coats the level of the pigmentation as the traditional lacquers do it in the twenty and you have depleted this nail polish of different colors chrome carton to make the beautiful paperweight. It is not needed to say that Lubichrome gang is selling it and they head over the website of the brand and they can get it before they go out to get it.

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