Alessandro Dell Acqua

Opening Party For Alessandro Dell'Acqua's First U.S. Flagship Store

Alessandro Dell Acqua was born in Naples on 21 December 1962. He is one of those who are ruling the fashion industry also in the international world. He is an Italian fashion designer, who is the owner of many popular brands. In 1981, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. After graduation he worked in many fashion companies like “The Marzotto Group,” to gain more knowledge about the fashion designs and business. After a long struggle, he together with Matteo Guarnirei established two companies i.e. Dell’Acqua and Guarnirei Company. He also worked with many Famous International fashion designers like Gilmar, Genny and Maska.

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Designer

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Designer

In 1996, after gaining a lot of experience Dell Acqua showcased his first debut prêt-à-porter collection for women at Milan, Moda Donna. In 1997, Alessandro Dell Acqua launched bold stylish women footwear. In 1998, he launched his first Men’s line at Pitti in Florence.  All his hardwork and unique stylish fashion designs made him internationally a versatile Italian fashion designer, who makes unique designs for both men and women. He then achieved great popularity by his cocktail dresses and sexy pencil skirts with chiffon blouses, which he designed for the red carpet.

Opening Party For Alessandro Dell'Acqua's First U.S. Flagship Store

Opening Party For Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s First U.S. Flagship Store

Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Alessandro Dell’Acqua

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Design

Alessandro Dell’Acqua Design

He advertized his monobrand boutiques all over the world during his tour especially in New York, Naples and Moscow. In 2000 he launches women’s footwear line for spring/summer, which gave him more fame in the international fashion industry. In January 2001, he launches Alessandro Dell Acqua fragrance for women through EuroItalia.

He is the only Italian fashion designer who owns Alessandro Dell Acqua fragrance, Alessandro Dell Acqua shoes and clothing lines. He is still making progress day after day. He is an ideal fashion designer for youngsters. He had created many luxurious fashion designs for both men and women around the globe. He is still in his journey to revolutionize the fashion industry.

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