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beautiful homes

From the beginning of the mankind, people like the nature and they want to live near to the nature. As the time has passed and it is also developed, but people love the trees, flowers, plants, mountains, grassy lands, waterfalls, rivers and the animals. Today in the developed world, the people living in the advanced and developed cities, they like to live by constructing their homes on the trees. In the New Guinea, the people of the Koroi tribe live in the tree houses permanently. These houses are useful to preserve their food but also the safe dwelling for their animals during the flood season. The people, who love nature especially for the adventurers and tourists, these tree houses are wonderful to have residence and they are also used as the hotel. When you see these tree houses, you will also like to live there permanently. Now we will tell you about these tree houses.

Three Storey Tree House

British Colombia, Canada

beautiful homes

beautiful homes

This tree house is acknowledged as the highest tree house in British Colombia and the living in this house is very unique and wonderful. The adventurers and the people play with the dangers can be the interesting experience for them.

Miscoca Tree House

Ontario, Canada

New homes

New homes

This tree house has been designed by Lucases Koss and this tree house is located near the Miscoca lake in Ontario city, Canada and it is construction in the covering of four trees. It swings in this way that the Japanese chandeliers swing in the air.

Tea House, Testo

Yamanashi, Japan

nice home

nice home

The experienced architect, Teero Nobo Fujimoori has designed this tree house and it is the wonderful amalgamation of the brief and fantasy. The interior side of the tree house is simple but modern but from the exterior side, it looks like the part of the Privolky story.

Ministers Tree House

Cross Will, Tenancy, America

stylis hom

stylis hom

This tree house has the shape of palace and it is 100 feet high. It is considered the most elevated house of the world, which is made by the Horace Borjes with the use of wood.

Yellow Tree House Restaurant

New Zealand

Tree Home

Tree Home

This Yellow tree house restaurant is located in Auckland, city of New Zealand and it gives the wonderful experience of the dinner. This tree house gives the amazing environment and you can enjoy the dinner. This tree house is attached with the trees and there are total 18 guests, who can dine there at a time.

Finkabela Vista Tree House

Costa Rica

This tree house is constructed in Costa Rica under the self support scheme to make themselves strong and avoid them from the pollution. The Finkabela Vista community has made this tree house and this whole community has total 600 acre land, which is wishing to donate this land for the environment friendly tree houses project so that the humans can spend their lives in the actual home of the nature.

Senior Center Trend Tree House

Ghaint, Belgium

The statute shape this tree house was made for the art festival track in Belgium and on the back of the house, when people watch the houses of the similar design, they get surprised how this house slipped from his place and elevate on the tree.

Free Spirit Spare Tree House


When you watch this beautiful and unique house, you will want to spend some time there. This house has the shape like a ball. When you stay here, you can create the new ideology and you can write an excellent novel and story. There will be nothing as peaceful house like this to have rest there.

Beam Loft Tree House

Whistler, Canada

The software developer, Joel Alan got retirement from his job and he adopted the profession of carpenter to make the unique and cold house. He made the house like the Makepsol in the dense and quiet forests but he did not have the expectation that international designer magazines would include in their image features. He made this house to enjoy the nature.

Tree House, Japan

Takashi Kobayashi has designed this tree house and people got surprise after watching this tree house how this tree house is made among the lean trees.

Mirror Tree House


This mirror like tree house can be hidden from your eyes and it can be suitable for the hide and seek game. This mirror house is located in north of Sweden and it is part of the tree hotel project and it creates the suspense.

Tree House (Seattle, America)

If the tree houses are not the story of the fairyland, then this tree house will take you to the homeland of fairies. This tree house is made over the maple in the trees.

Tree House like Nest of Bird

This tree house is made from the tree hotel and the birds can be deceive to watch this tree house than the humans as it is their nest.

UFO Tree House (Sweden)

This tree house has the shape of the flying object of the aliens and it remembers the science fiction movies in which the attack of the aliens is shown on the earth. If you want to get the surprise of this house, you should spend one night in it. This tree house has the specialty that it has been hung like the blue color, which is the favorite color of the aliens and you think that the aliens is now coming.

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