American president residency Paradise point for Luxury Lifestyle

American president residency Paradise point for Luxury Lifestyle

Paradise point has the comfort and it is the rental community and it is also added with the splurge for tropical tranquility. It can also become the official residence of the American president, Barrack Obama as the winter White House, which is also his vacation point. Due to the economic crisis, the American president did not stay here and he stayed at 5,000 sq feet oceanfront home on Paradise Point. He also described it as the secure and comfortable place for his living and give the scene of white sands of Kailua Beach. This is situated at the Marine Corps Base Hawaiion Kanoehe Bay and it has the capacity of housing about 10,000 marines, sailors along with the civilian employees. He also decided to stay for 6,000 sq feet home with the inner courtyard with the lawn sloping down to beach.  The government has to pay the bill for rent of $25,000 per week through the private accounts of American president.


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