Angelina Jolie Style For Cool Moms

Angelina Jolie Style For Cool Moms

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie always looks like a cool mother. The actress uses minimalist style on the occasions from an early morning school run from taking her children on a playground is an example of looking beautiful while in a hurry. Few days ago, the actress was seen wearing dress-over-pants while taking three of her children (Vivian, Shiloh and Knox) to ‘Toys R Us’ in Los Angeles for a trip.

She resembled the looks from ‘Chanel Resort 2015’ as she was having an unexpected combination of black maxis over a pair of joggers. The covered-up knitwear was used with the combination of flat for contrast which is similar to that of the models of the show. Jolie likes to wear comfortable and classic shoes for which she used Ancient Greek sandals. Texture was added to this monochromatic collection by a stylish heather gray colored grandpa’s sweater. This perfect cool look is finished with jet black sunglasses.

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