Are Beyoncé and Jay Z expecting a baby?

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z expecting a baby
Are Beyoncé and Jay Z expecting a baby

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z expecting a baby

Jay Z changed few of his song lyrics and after that the rumors are circulating that he and Beyonce might be expecting their second child.
It was reported by several news sites that during the couple’s performance in Paris of ‘On the Run’ tour, Jay Z indicated during ‘Beach Is Better’ that his wife is pregnant.
According to reports, the 32-year-old rapper has changed the lyrics after saying that her wife is pregnant second time.
The couple also has Blue Ivy (2) after their marriage in 2008. The rumors about the pregnancy of Beyonce are expanding for about couple of weeks.
A source told that Jay has been intensely protecting her wife for about a month and it is very similar to the time when she was pregnant with their first child.
He also said he’s trying to make Bey away from stress. He told his whole staff that their voices should be calm, they’ll listen only soft music and smooth lightening. He also told that only organic food should be given to Beyonce.
The source also added that in order to keep her healthy and comfortable, he’s making sure every possible thing.

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