Art Fashion Invasion Performance


There was a time when fashion shows were the small happenings and they are reserved for the customers and for the upper class people. Now there are hundreds of people, who attend the fashion shows and they make the snaps on their phones and they not have any intention to purchase more than what is showing on the runway. There is great competition among the fashion designers and the social media is frenzy and the dresses are existed around the fashion month. They need to get the attention by turning the show into art piece performance.

The elaborate airport of Channel and supermarket settings, the shows of the performance of art aims to tell the story rather than creating the spectacle. Some have been turned into the traditional fashion show and there are others, who are feat of human endurance to see the models. There are some fashion designers, who create the artwork and others can team up with the artists to showing their performance, who are known for controversy. They have one thing in common that they provide the sense of stillness to the chaos, which are there in the fashion industry.

The viewers can watch the theatrical finale bows of John Galliano and Fall 2015 Haute Couture of Victor & Rolf with the human art gallery and they were all to watch. The real magic lies in the show concepts with the deeper meanings and the art/fashion pairings are wonderful performance pieces in the history. We are hoping that there will be enough more.



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