Star Footballer Massi Joined Business

The star footballer Leonel Massi has joined the business. He started the business of hotel in Barcelona as he bought the 4 star hotel on the seashore having the worth of 26 million pounds. There are many other sports personalities …

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This New Date-Worthy Collection Slays The Bandage Dress For Good

That initial meet-up, slew of dinners and first kiss really gotten you through but for a little R & R, your tried-and-true date-night dress is probably


Cold shower benefits: is shivering in the shower really better for you?

It makes me not want to shower when I thought of jumping into a freezing cold shower. When hot water runs down my back, I love the feeling

Hair Styles Designs Trends

34 hair styles seen around S.F

Our morning hair routine involves air-drying on our way out the door and little more than a splash of surf spray. So to those folks who

Interview Outfits Dresses Styles Trends

10 creative interview looks hired

With a dream interview, a dream job in a creative industry begins. And the dream interview begins with your outfit. As all that experience you’ve racked up on

Winter Dresses Collection For Women

Best to copy these 7 cozy looks

There is an old cliché: Fashion people love cold weather. Miniskirts with woolly tights; warm, fuzzy scarves; bulky-but-cute sweaters. Anything


This is the cure for prints scare

To throw a prints party of one, you’re maybe a little hesitant. When it comes to patterns at all, you prefer to tread lightly and on

Women Winter Shoes Collection 2013

To winter, these 12 DSW Steppers will stand up

The terms “guilt-free” and “shopping spree” don’t always go hand in hand but we’ll happily indulge in a little retail therapy, when the stars align and this chance,

Black Color Party Jackets

To rock the party-jacket trend, these are 5 celebrity-inspired looks

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, believe it or not. And you’ll be busily spending the next two weeks on the hunt for the perfect outfit to your

Christmas Teen Girls Outfit Styles

Christmas Outfits For Teen Girls

It is difficult to find the dresses for the teenagers. Teens are in different age groups, so the size of their dresses is also different.  If

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