Gorgeous Looks From Cannes International Film Festival 2017

Cannes International Film Festival is quite similar to the Golden Globes in the fashion world as the fashion week is used for the settings of the French film festival. There is no doubt that few of the biggest fashion houses …

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10 Spots you must Apply Sunscreen

It is a common mistake to think that covering main areas of face and body from sunscreen can protect you from UV rays while going outside. But it


Your Favorite Models Walked the Fashion

All the fashionable took a break from celebrations of Cannes Film Festival last night and attended semiannual Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show. Jeremy Meeks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dan


Micellar Wipes Will Change your Way to Wash Face

Micellar water is getting popular for some time as it cleanse, hydrate and remove makeup from your skin without even using water. The only thing it require is


Coolest Diesel Denim Collab 2017 by Faustine Steinmetz

Now the clients can have the experimental early 2000s denim and not even the Paris Hilton knows the genre of the products better than the fashion designer of

Rihanna Creeper Espadrille Hybrid 2017

Rihanna Creeper Espadrille Hybrid 2017

Rihanna is our most favorite singer while she has invented perfect shoe for summer season. As compared to the espadrille, the ‘Bow Creeper Sandal’ is introduced

Foot Peels Sandal Season 2107

Foot Peels Sandal Season 2107

In winters, our feet remained protected in shoes and socks while we were thinking about pedicures for foot treatment. Now, the weather is continuously getting warmer while stores

Try Sugaring Instead Waxing

Try Sugaring Instead Waxing

We immediately think about body hair removal after the start of summer season with the use of shorts and swinsuits. You would require razors and strips if you

Karen Elson Cover of UK Harper Bazaar

Karen Elson Cover of UK Harper Bazaar

Like its previous covers, we haven’t seen a famous celebrity in the recent cover of British’s Harper Bazaar. Last month, Lindsay Wixson was decorating the magazine’s cover and


Lip Oils Better Than Lip Gloss Reason

The women and women will find many lip products and they choose from glosses, balms, liquid lipsticks, exfoliants, lipsticks and lip top coats. There is new lip product,

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