Barack Obama & Michelle Obama’s life turned into a film

Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

First time Barack Obama the American President took his then boss out on a date will be commemorated in movie – and producers is looking forward to find a perfect actor to play the young Obama

A perfect actor is searching by the producer to play the leading role in a movie about US President Obama’s first date his life partner to be Michelle.

Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

Barack Obama & Michelle Obama

‘Southside With You’ the movie will follow the afternoon in 1989 while a young Barack, then convinced his boss Michelle Robinson on a summer job with a leading Chicago law firm to visit an art gallery, go for a walk and watch a movie.

She accepted to spend around the afternoon with him, throughout which they stopped by the Art Institute, they went for a walk and watched “Do the Right Thing” Spike Lee’s movie.

3 years later the couple married.

Obama brought to mind the date throughout the film’s 25th anniversary celebration this year, permitted “I took her to this latest film that everyone was talking about, and the movie directed by a guy that not many people heard about him, although it was pretended to be pretty good.”

It was immortalized with a plaque in 2012 that one of the sight of their romance, their first kiss, outside a Baskin-Robbins ice cream parlor in the city’s Hyde Park area.

Michelle role will be played by Tika Sumpter, 24; nevertheless Obama’s role has not yet been cast. Tracey Bing admitted that “We are looking forward to come across with a perfect Barack. In July in Chicago the film shooting will be started.

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