Beauty Buzz: Beauty products for winter 2014

Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014

One of the best beauty products on the market are from experts, I always found. They’ve tried the ugly, good and bad so they’re going to know what to go for and what to steer clear of, when they’re creating their own product. Recently, I started using brushes by Real techniques, created by Beauty Blogger and Pro makeup artist, Samantha Chapman. The price points are great and the quality is just insane. By Beautylicious, Real Techniques are distributed.
Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana Eau de Parfum Pour Femme Intense

The maroon Dolce perfume would have to be one of my favorite ‘Dolce’ fragrances. Intensified for those nights out, the brand has come out with a more intense version of the Eau de Parfum. It has high notes of citrus and white floral, if you’re not familiar with the scent.

Range: Philosophy Total Matteness

This range by Philosophy is for you if you have a problem with oily skin and large pores. It includes a mattifying and pore-minimizing mask + cleanser – that deep cleans the face and feels like a clay – whilst minimizing shine and absorbing excess oil and then after drying your cleansed skin, applying the pore eraser for less visible pores and matte skin.

Brush: Chanel Pinceau Poudre brush

When buying a new brush, make sure you find a good one as brushes are investments. Currently, I’m loving the powder brush by Chanel – not only its quality is amazing but also the brush is perfect for loose and pressed powders, so where needed you can have more control over blotting out or bronzers that I love to use. Before adding my final swipe of bronzer, I use it for my base blended bronzer on the face.

Toner: L’Occitane Essential Water

I don’t feel like toners make an impact on my skincare routine, so I don’t use them. Recently, I’ve started using Essential water of L’ Occitane, which consists of green tea extracts and floral water and is an alcohol-free toner. I like to apply it 10 minutes before starting my makeup and it really refreshes the face.

Foundation: Bassam Fattouh basics foundation

Of Bassam Fattouh makeup, I’ve become a huge fan. For a night time coverage, I’ve started using Bassam Fattouh’s Pret a Portea’s foundation. It gives off a matte yet slightly dewy finish as it hydrates the skin. It does feel quite heavy during the day so I prefer to use it at night, and in the color BF04, I got the foundation.

Illuminating powder: Dior Diorific Perfumed Illuminating powder

I live for anything illuminating as I love radiant skin. Recently, I started using this Dior’s brand new perfumed illuminating powder, which has bright pearl pigments all packed up into a luxurious gold box and it smells of J’adore. On the nose, brow bones and just above the lips, it is perfect to use this shimmering powder.

Concealer: Sisley Paris Phyto Cernes Eclat eye concealer

If you’re one just looking for a light concealer for day to day or that doesn’t like applying anything heavy to the face – then here it is. Botanical extracts are included in this Eclat eye concealer which not only conceals, but also smoothes fine lines, reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue. A great addition is the cooling metal tip which gives off a cooling pick me up effect and helps puffiness.

Hair Spray: Show Premiere Finishing Spray

I must say I’m quite impressed though except for luxe packaging I didn’t really expect much of Tamara Ecclestone’s beauty range. Recently, I’ve started using the Premiere Finishing spray which is a buildable yet light hair spray which smells great and also has Argan Oil to replenish and add moisture to the hair, AC kerazyme to protect the hair against heat and Vitamin B to repair the hair. Across the UAE, it is available at Areej stores.

Eyeliner: Smashbox Always sharp

For regular travelers, self-sharpened eyeliners are perfect. You don’t mess up your makeup bag and need to carry a sharpener. I like one that glides on easily, gives a defined finish and ling lasting, when looking for an eyeliner. In their Raven shade (black), I love this Waterproof kohl from Smashbox. In 2013, it also won an Allure award.

Prep spray: Urban Decay Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray

The fact that the prep of the skin is more important than the actual makeup is something that I’ve learnt from makeup artists over the past few years. By Urban Decay – a vitamin infused spray to be used before the makeup and moisturizer – I’ve been using this one. The Vitamin B6 allowing the skin to look it’s best and more radiant by absorbing oil, minimizes pores and reducing redness. To give the skin a refreshed boost, it is perfect to use over the makeup during the day or before the makeup. It is available at Sephora stores.

Lipgloss: Bobbi Brown Pale Pink lipgloss

I like using only a few lipgloss brands and one of them is definitely Bobbi Brown. I like the vanilla scent, the texture and the way it feels good on the lips due to botanical extracts like oils and avocado. It gives a glossy finish and has the perfect amount of stickiness. The ultimate nude pink is the Pale pink shade that in their beauty cupboard, everyone should have.

Eyeshadow Primer: Clinique All About Shadow Primer

Till you try an eyeshadow primer on your eyes for a few times and see the difference it makes to your eye makeup, you could never know how important it is. It also gives on a longer wear having that base to hold on to the eyeshadow, along with giving you a better application. This definitely gets extra points being a non-greasy finish as few of the ones I’ve tried have a greasy finish.

Sunscreen: Natura Bisse Intense Oil-free fluid

Under your makeup, don’t ever forget to wear sunscreen as later, your skin will thank you. I’ve been using Natura Bisse, an intense oil-free fluid from Barcelona based brand, this month. The sunscreen has an SPF of 30 is a light weight, and being an anti-aging sunscreen with a dry touch. It makes your skin look good too as it includes botanical extracts and collagen.

BB Cream: MAC Prep & Prime BB cream

Equal to finding the right foundation for you is as important finding the right BB cream for you. From their Prep and Prime line, recently I started using the MAC one. It is light, moisturizing with a decent amount of coverage and feels good on the skin. If you’re struggling to find your exact shade within BB creams then this is definitely the one for you as they just added a range of new shades.

CC Cream: Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream

Moving on to the color correcting – CC cream. Under the foundation, I’ve been using this one by Bourjois. The liquid has 3 objectives for Anti-fatigue, Anti Dark Spots and Anti Redness and has SPF 15 which hydrates the skin. The formula, I felt made my skin look evenly and gave off a more even and dewy finish, which required me to apply less foundation.

Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014

Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014

Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014

Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014

Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014
Beauty Buzz Beauty products for winter 2014

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