Angelina Jolie Style For Cool Moms

Angelina Jolie Style For Cool Moms

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie always looks like a cool mother. The actress uses minimalist style on the occasions from an early morning school run from taking her children on a playground is an example of looking beautiful while in a …

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Ways to Look Refreshing in Summer

Glowing skin is desire of every person but it is difficult to attain due to several factors like stress, dehydration, poor diet, lack of sleep, humidity and heat.

Amazing ways to wear Wedding hair Flowers

Amazing ways to wear Wedding hair Flowers

Wedding flowers make you look extra beautiful by enhancing the beauty of your and your overall look on your special day. Here in this post, we are


The Cry-Proof Makeup You Need for Wedding Season

You can save your look while crying with the help of these waterproof products that will give you a beautiful look even when you are in distress.



10 Spots you must Apply Sunscreen

It is a common mistake to think that covering main areas of face and body from sunscreen can protect you from UV rays while going outside. But it

Try Sugaring Instead Waxing

Try Sugaring Instead Waxing

We immediately think about body hair removal after the start of summer season with the use of shorts and swinsuits. You would require razors and strips if you


Best Tear-Free Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

The eye is known as one of the most delicate parts of human body but even then it receives vigorous treatment from us. We try to get perfect


Top 10 Coats for a Fashion Lip Look

Bold lip colors are getting fame in the fashion world thanks to Kylie Jenner and Pat McGrath. Another important factor is the recent lip art trend of the


8 Selfie Powders for Flawless Skin

You can understand the difficulty of getting perfect selfie after taking numerous selfies and even editing them with apps. Several problems from skin spots to dark circles can


Easy Prom Hairstyles 2017

Prom is an important event of every year and the time has come for this big evening during which perfect dress and hairstyle are compulsory required. It is

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