Sweaty Chic Gym-Friendly Hairstyles

The sweat started after spending sometime in the gym and now clothes are not enough for you to look good in this summer season. It means that making bun of long hairs would not do the job and it’s important …

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Mesmerizing Redheads Worth Following on Instagram

Nowadays, the fashion of redheads is on instead of the previous blond. It is a great hair color, whether natural or artificial, that is liked by most of

Charlize Theron Short Hair Cut

Charlize Theron Short hair style get now

Enzo Angileri is the celebrity stylist of Charlize Theron likes to make an easy style for the short hairs of the actress. She uses Wella Professionals

Kate Middleton

10 Most Expensive Hairstyles of Hollywood Celebs

Celebrities mostly participate in functions and parties by using unique and stylish dresses and also make wonderful hairstyles to seem different from other people

Banish Summer Sweaty Neck Syndrome with Cara Delevingne’s Sporty Pony

Banish Summer Sweaty Neck Syndrome with Cara Delevingne’s Sporty Pony

[caption id="attachment_9662" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Banish Summer Sweaty Neck Syndrome with Cara Delevingne’s Sporty Pony[/caption] Due to a sweaty neck, summer hair is always difficult to manage

Brushing from the roots down

For Your Hair 10 worst things try them Now

There are some of the necessary steps, which are essential for taking care of the hair and these are the simple and finite steps, which cannot

Get DIY Hair Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2014

Get DIY Hair Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2014

There are various women, who like to have the Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 2014 hairstyles and these are the perfect and good for the women. This hairstyle has

Jessica Alba

Not Ready to Snip and Go Faux Bob Route Instead

There are various haircuts, which got attraction of women but Bob is the hairstyle, which is popular during 2014. This is the trendy hairstyle, which is now popular


Pack For Spring Season Break Beach Excursion

As the winter season is gone and the Spring season is approaching, every body wants to move for the picnic. Most of the families like to go on

Nicole Richie's Purple Hair

Nicole Richie’s Purple Hair — It’s Real This Time!

With a photoshopped Instagram pic featuring lavender locks, Nicole Richie fooled beauty editors across the internet last week. When it quickly came to light that we’d

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