Tipping Row

4 Simple, Multitasking Moves That Work Your Entire Body

If you go to the gym and you feel that you are loosing weight quickly then there are some simple moves, which will help you to burn calories and it will make smart and active your whole body. These are …

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NARS Latest Fall Color Lineup for Summer Season 2013 Eyeshadow Palette Pic

NARS Latest Fall Color Lineup for Summer Season 2013

Now the hot season is in full swing and summer season demands to apply magnificent and decent color lineup. These color lineups are found in different attractive colors,

Women Summer Fussy Free Makeup Wallpaper

A Fuss-Free Makeup Look For Your Fourth Of July Weekend

Women like to wear make up on different occasions to look beautiful and pretty. On the long weekend on 4th July I enjoyed the summer holidays and you

Celebrity Nails Art Snapshot

Nail Art: Celebrity Manicurist Shares Her Tricks Of The Trade

What shape should nails be in to ensure nail art looks its best? The nail art to make the nails short, beautiful and have the curved shape and

Various Hairstyles

Ombre Effect: Hair Experts Give Us Their Top Tips On How To Get Look

In the red carpet show, various celebrities attended with their ombre trend, Kate Bosworth attended the show wearing the black rock two-toned tresses during last week. Now

2013 Men Hairstyles

2013 Hairstyles for Men

As there is no drastic change in the hairstyle fashion in the past 12 months for men therefore it is quiet difficult to predict a hairstyle for spring


Vintage Hairstyles 2013 Are Very Stylish

Hairstyles are what make you look pretty and trendy and is the most important part of women’s attire. The most famous hairstyle for actresses in 50s is

Makeup at home (1)

How to get a perfect at home Tan figured out

Monica Tietjens showed tips for getting nature at home glow using an Australian make up brand when the summer season is about to come. How to clean Slate The color

Blonde Low Ponytail Hair Style

Low Ponytail Hairstyles Trend for 2013

The hairstyle has the main contribution in making the personality chic and fashionable. If you part the hair in two parts then you

Woman and Make up

I’m Looking Pretty with Makeup

Makeup is a necessity for every woman so they apply makeup to make their facial expression good and beautiful. Without makeup, the women look bad and

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