Wednesday 20 September 2017

Your skin needs vitamin D


Seaweed!! That’s not such an attractive word or thing for the women. It’s a slimy green stuff found in oceans and stuck in our legs whenever we go for swimming. But let me tell you, it’s not just an icky …

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Hot stone Massage


Do you want to know which massages are the most popular in the world? Well this article will tell you all the top 10 massages of the world.

caviar nail art


In our previous section of this article we had discussed about the different trends of nail polishes of 2012. [caption id="attachment_1356" align="aligncenter" width="460"] Katy Perry Nail Art[/caption] And it’s

Curly indie hair Style

2012 Indie Cut; Men’s Perfect Trendy Hair Style

Laid back hair style:                                   This top trendy style can be called a mini revolution prevailing among men is also well know as Brit Rock or Indie Hair. [caption id="attachment_1301"

hair loss

Natural remedies for hair fall

Hair fall!!!! It’s a major problem of every girl or women I know. Women usually are praised for their shiny thick long hair that is the reason we

SWEDISH MASSAGE - A relaxing massage of medium pressure

Massaging The Back

Do you want to give someone you care a good back massage? Then you should keep in mind that there are some majorly important universal tips that are

True Color Of Beyoncé

Choosing Odd Colors in Make-Up

Are you afraid that you will make yourself a clown?? Then don’t. Breaking rules with creative touch can make a blast. Many women use specific shades every day,

Woman with hair extensions


Most of you thinks that hair extensions requires a lot a maintenance and high salon bills, Well there is a way of getting hair extension

Flat Belly

Simple Ways of having Smart Flat Stomach

Do you have problems with uneven fat stomach? Do you want that smart washboard abs? Well Good news for all, there are very simple steps by which you

The rice crisps and honey in these energy bars

Homemade Energy Bars For Workout

Are you going out for a Workout? Do you want energy rich healthy bars or sport bites? Do you know that you can easily make

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