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Crown Eye Shadow Most Regal Beauty Trend Ever

You would be called ‘Princess’ once or more in your life if you remained a beauty girl. It is expected that your love of fashion would be seen as your arrogance instead of your love of the product. These haters …

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Perfect Highlighter for Your Skin Type

The makeup trend of highlighting will remain in the style for perhaps ever. But there are different highlighter make ups for different persons according


New Beauty Products for Dead of Winter

The month of February has started and most of us are wishing the end of this cold and dark weather. It is also a difficult time for your


Kiss-Proof Lipsticks That Last All Day

The best thing you want on the Valentine’s Day is a look full of romance. Usually, red and pink shades are known as the symbols of the special


New to You Ways to Enjoy Avocados

The time is approaching fast that will make it difficult for most people to eat avocados as California is still facing problems of drought and it produces around

Skinny Jeans

10 Reasons to use Skinny Jeans in 2017

Last year, there was a change in fashion of skinny jeans as they were replaced by many with track pants, boyfriend cuts and crop options but


Drew Barrymores New Diet Show

When we watched the title of the buzzy new Netflix series of Drew Barrymore, we got into rage. The images of the ill conceived weight loss show, Revenge


Affordable Nail Polish by Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin released its first now-iconic nail polish line in July 2014, the fashion world was surprised about its price. It was provided at $50 a bottle and


Outside-the-Box Crayola Collab

On Monday, a limited edition of easy to apply chubby sticks with mango and shea butter for kids who don’t want to color inside the lines was released


Healthy Food Trends for 2017

We know that new foods are available to those customers of whole foods who visit Whole Food Market every day. They come across several of new whole food

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