New Hair Color Technique You Have to See

This year, we have seen color trends of several types like rainbow, rose gold and others but the thing we are providing here is the first of its kind. A UK based salon ‘The Chapel’ and American brand ‘Redken’ combined …

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Get-Glam-Quick Tips for This Winter

Sometimes, only shining eyes or perfect cherry lips are required to get the best glamorous look in holidays. In order to help you get a perfect look during


Save Your Nails This Winter by Treatment Polishes

Your nails can suffer badly in the dry winter weather. You will experience cracking and tearing even if you don’t put your hands out of gloves and regularly


Party Makeup Tips Last All Night Long

As this year is going to finish and we are counting the final hours of this year, the people are also thinking about their New Year with the


Best Face Moisturizers for Seriously Dry Skin for this Winter

Winter weather is quite harmful for dry skin as it deprives the skin from its natural moisture that results in redness and flakiness of skin that


Awesomely Tacky Holiday Nail Art Ideas

If you want to participate in an ugly sweater party this holiday season then you will require a bad knitted garment along with equally ugly nail


Exfoliating Pads the Easiest New Way to Exfoliate Your Skin

You can have several ways to exfoliate your face apart from the normal way of rubbing. You can use cleansing brush, chemical peel or microdermabrasion. But the simplest


Fitness-Obsessed Models and the Workouts

In the 90s the models acts as they lived with the cigarettes and vodka and in 2006, the models have the only option for studio workout and that


Beauty Products We Discovered in Spas

You can not only know about different types of beauty products that you can use at home but you will get a very nice pastime also


Undercut Hairstyles Partyin the Back

Just like hair colors, people are also increasing their undercut style. Cutting the hair at the back is just the beginning as the hairstylists are now also using

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