Beyonce ‘Take My Hand Precious Lord’ performance At Grammy Awards 2015


On 8th of February Beyonce came back to Grammy stage, following opening the show in 2014 to sing an exciting version of Rev.Thomas A. Dorsey’s song, “Take My Hand Precious Lord

The 33 years old Beyonce is formally flawless, Queen Bey shocked the Grammy Awards again on 8th Feb 2015, following beginning the event in 2014 along with her performance of ‘Drunk In Love’ by performing ‘Take My Hand Precious Lord’ earlier than the segueing into John Legend and Common’s song ‘Glory’ from the gravely commended movie, Selma.Beyonce is nominated for 6 Grammy Awards, such as Album of the year, for the most nominations teamed up with Sam Smith.

She sang an amazing version of ‘Take My Hand Precious Lord’ she wore a stunning all white ensembles that displayed her perfect skin and ideal waves, all eyes were absolutely on her. Then she accurately segued into ‘Glory’ which was performed by John Legend and Common from Selma the Golden Globe Award winning.

Common couldn’t have been more amazed to perform along with Beyonce. He mentioned to Us Weekly, “We do have an amazing introduction to our show”

He proceeded,  “into our song ‘Glory’ segued as a regard to Selma, which was done by Beyonce. That’s surely one the best talents you can have, assisting us segue into it.

Beyonce at Grammys Awards 2015

Beyonce at Grammys Awards 2015


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