Bump Photo Scandal of Kate Middleton’s New Baby: Palace Unhappy with Breach of Privacy

kate middleton sexy white bikini

Kate Middleton is now the person of center of attraction due to her new royal photo scandal.
The palace showed its displeasure over the new breach of privacy as Italian magazine, Chi published the topless sun bathing pics of the princess already when the princess , Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William was taking sun bath wearing the bikini during last September. These pics became controversial and the palace showed their displeasure over the pictures and now she is pregnant and the bump pics of her new baby have been published in the aforementioned magazine. The pics were taken when she was clad in bikini and celebrating the vacation in Mustique.

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

The palace showed their displeasure over the photographs of the Duke and Duchess which were published in the magazine of other country and now these were prevailed every where. They also claimed that this was the clear breach of privacy of the royal couple.
Details of Will And Kate’s Mustique Getaway
The royal couple, the duchess of Cambridge, Princess Kate was celebrated the vacation with her husband on the beach of a Caribbean island, then these pictures of royal couple were taken.
Earlier the magazine Chi and its sister French magazine, Closer published the sun-bathing topless pictures of the princess five months ago when they were on vacation in Provence, France. At that time the royal couple filed a criminal suit against the magazine, Closer when their controversial pictures appeared in the magazine. Now the royal couple will take the legal step against the magazine, Chi who involved in this criminal act.



This magazine, Chi has already involved in various cases of publishing the controversial pictures of the celebrities including Princes Diana in 2006 when they published the pictures of the body of the deceased princess in the car accident occurred in 1997.

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