Campana Brothers of Brazil made Sushi Sofas and Stuffed Animal Stools


Campana Brothers are the two brothers, who are Fernando and Humberto Campana and they are the most famous contemporary fashion designers and they have been working over last 30 years. They have taken the inspiration from the diverse urban and rural landscapes of Brazil. They born in Sao Paulo and they are living in the city center and they also worked on the works of Roberto Burle Marx and Oscar Niemyere, which are the architects of Brazil and they created the eclectic high end furniture with the use of common materials. Fernando, who is younger brother, said that they work with memories, material and the hybrid experience and they are the storytellers, who represent their surroundings.

They have made the collaboration with the international brands like Lacoste and Louis Vuitton and they have shown the renowned museums and galleries and they are working on their roots by supporting their communities. Campana Brothers have made their work possible by working on their roots. The fashion lovers can find the Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris and they can find the Ocean collection of Campana Brothers.

Humberto said that the fashion designers have to do the political job in the 21st century and they are also able to help others, when they work on community or craftswomen.

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