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US Court Order: Shakira song “Loca” broke copyrights act

Famous singer Shakira’s song “Loca” has been declared by an American Court as a theft but the decision about damages hasn’t been ordered so far. According to the decision of Manhattan Court, this Shakira’s song is taken from the song …

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Jessica Simpson Hot Poster of Fragrance

Jessica Simpson Released Namesake Fragrance in August

Jessica Simpson is the business partner of her mother and also is the brand ambassador. She is also giving the counseling to her ailing father and

Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands

Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands

We have always tried to keep you inform about the recent activities and interests of four favorite celebrities. In today’s topic, we’ll tell you about those

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30 Most Attractive Women of 2014

Hollywood conducted a poll according to which the most beautiful women of 2014. In this Hollywood poll, about 24 million people participated and they voted for their best

New look of Miley Cyrus

New look of Miley Cyrus is similar to sartorial palate cleanser

Miley Cyrus doesn’t necessarily stick to one thing is the only thing that we’ve learned from her recent sartorial adventures. She’s on the buffet line is


Jennifer Hudson & Rihanna Seeing Both Bold

A decidedly dark turn is taken by this week’s showdown. With stars refusing to lighten up, black and a deeper shade of green served as the backdrop. As


Jennifer Aniston Debuts Her Edgy New Piercing

Now Jennifer Aniston has revealed a new edgy accessory, while first came her dramatic new chop. Alongside her makeup artist friend Gucci Westman, the 42-year-old

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kanye West Says Kim is Most Beautiful People of All the Time


By calling Kim Kardashian as “one of the most beautiful people of all times”, Kanye West has opened up his love for her fiancé.

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Lady Gaga back in cosmic new single and flies to “Venus”

Lady Gaga goes on an intergalactic-metaphor-fueled ride, commanding her lover to ‘take me to your planet’ on her new ARTPOP single, “Venus”. There’s also

Kate Moss 1st Ever Photo Shoot Pic

Kate Moss 1st Ever Photo Shoot Unseen Photos Reveals


Once upon a time Kate Moss was just a normal teen from Croydon, though now she may possess one of the most recognizable faces

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