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Everything about New First Lady of the United States

US presidential Elections are over and Donald Trump won the election of the president of America by getting majority in all major states of US. His wife, Melania Trump also became the first lady of America. But she maintained low …

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Prince Harry Dating Meghan Markle

Prince Harry said that he is impressed by the wonderful and attractive personality of Rachel Zane, who was the actress in Suits. The media said that he is


Lily-Rose Depp Post-Party Repose on Her First Cover of UK Vogue

The year 2016 is coming to end and the magazines are going to issue their December magazine in the market. On the front page of the


House of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Sold

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the popular and leading actors of Hollywood film industry and they were also considered the popular couple of the industry. 2016-10-28 12-26-46

Kendall & Kylies Holiday PacSun Collection 2016

The taste in clothing of Kendall and Kylie is looking very sophisticated and the fine wine with their myriads clothing lines is looking better with each

Salma Hayek Claims Trump Harassed Her

Salma Hayek Claims Trump Harassed Her

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek blamed on Donald Trump that she refused the offer of Donald Trump after which he planted the scandalous story about her by calling her

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian robbed at gunpoint in Paris hotel

On Sunday in Paris hotel room, Kim Kardashian was caught up by masked men, according to reports. Kim is along her mother Kris Jenner and sisters

world's richest man

Here’s what the world’s richest man just bought

According to reports, Ortega’s company Pontegadea Immobiliaria had purchased a tower from Abu Dhabi’s tycoon Khadem al-Qubaisi. This tower is known as ‘Cepsa Tower” after it was leased


The Glossies October 2016 Covers We Loved and Hated

Kendall Jenner will be the most famous model for upcoming October month as she is appearing in four “Vogue” covers but she was also seen in beauty


Emmy Awards 2016 Red Carpet Fashion Highlights

This year, 2016 Emmy Awards were held on 18th September 2016 during which awards for various programs, acting, direction and writing are presented. During this occasion,

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