Miley Cyrus: How Liam Hemsworth Feels About Her Romance with Stella Maxwell

Following revealing as bisexual the 22 years old Miley Cyrus has stepped up her romance along with Victoria’s Secret Stunner, the 24 years old Stella Maxwell. Both girls were seen kissing in front of public on 30th of June, whereas …

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Iggy Azalea Hot Pics

Iggy Azalea Threaten by Anonymous Hackers

The 24 years old Iggy Azalea has been threatened by the unidentified hacking group. The hacker group sent a couple of threatening massages to

Holly Flashes Willo-Booby Style at Brit Awards

Holly Flashes Willo-Booby Style at Brit Awards

Holly Willoughby has shown her 34DD assets at post-Brits bash and she is considered as Holly as her name.

Holly Willoughby dressed in the black dress with sheer plunging

Kate Middleton

Pregnant Kate Middleton Flaunts Royal Baby Bump at Charity Visit After Mustique Getaway

  [caption id="attachment_2830" align="alignleft" width="293"] Kate Middleton[/caption] Kate Middleton is going to give birth a baby during July this year. Since she announced her pregnancy,

kate middleton sexy white bikini

Bump Photo Scandal of Kate Middleton’s New Baby: Palace Unhappy with Breach of Privacy

Kate Middleton is now the person of center of attraction due to her new royal photo scandal. The palace showed its displeasure over the new breach of privacy as

nicki minaj and mariah carey fight

Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj feud real – to a point

Pop Singer Mariah Carey and ‘American Idol’ judge, Nicki Minaj have some problems with each other so they are seated quite far off from each other. The seating

Angelina Jolie Is Playing Them On Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt Going to Marry with Angelina Jolie ‘soon’: ‘I got a excellent sentiment about it’

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced sometimes before that they will get marry soon. The question was asked from them frequently but they did not respond well. Sometimes


Putting Walruses in Breaking Dawn Sex Scene by Robert Pattinson

Now as Kristen Stewart onscreen alter ego Bella Swan, in the final installment of the Twilight saga has become a full blown, cold blooded vampire, that’s why those

Gene Hackman slaps homeless man in self-defense

Gene Hackman slapped a homeless man

Well a Celebrity hitting a homeless man!! That’s kind of harsh, but wait you don’t the whole story yet!! The celebrity Gene Hackman is not

Actor Edward Furlong arrives at Columbia

Edward Furlong Got Arrested for Violence

Do you want to know why the Terminator 2 star, Edward Furlong got arrested? Well he has been doing some serious violence lately. Last year, Edward Furlong violated

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