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Many people are nervous from activated charcoal as beauty ingredient just like snail slime and goat’s milk. Few people are trying to get use of the animal products but there is now no problem about the activated charcoal as everyone is now aware about the skin care benefits of this black colored product.

What Is Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal forms after heating charcoal in the absence of oxygen in order to remove any noncarbon elements that make it more absorbent by leaving the interior structure with hollows. Due to this fact, it is also used to absorb several poisons that are taken orally or with chemical reactions.

Activated Charcoal Uses

As compared to any other ingredient, the activated charcoal has 200 times more ability to absorb bacteria, oil and dirt. It completely cleans the skin without overdying it due to its amazing quality to bind oil and dirt and clean the skin. It is best for exfoliation and deep cleansing as it is naturally absorbent.

Most of us use masks of this activated charcoal fro cleansing purpose but you can sue several other products based on charcoal. We are providing here few of these products apart from masks that are based on charcoal and are part of beauty products.

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