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Gigi Haddi

Gigi Haddi is going to earn the title of International model of the year and she got this title for second year. She is performing in the fashion world and she has shone in the fashion field as the unstoppable work ethic and she has high profile modeling gigs. Gigi has scored on the cover of the fashion magazine, British Vogue and it is the face of many fashion brands for Spring 2017. Her latest cover is one of the eight covers and all covers are with the different models for March issue of Vogue, which was shot by Patrick Demarchelier. The luxe cover shows the model, Gigi and she wore the sexy leopard print Saint Laurent dresses and made her hair wispy.

The fashion magazine has eight different covers and all these covers are shot by the photographer, Demarchelier. The covers are looked half baked and the hair was looking stylish with that dress and make up. This is the moment, when the cover came to light and it made the feelings clear towards the cover.

There are total 8 covers and one cover is with Gigi and there are some others with other fashion models like Natalie, Imaan and Yasmin. One of the viewers felt in the same way as Gigi Hadid is definition of mediocrity and it cannot wait for Wen, Xiao, Imaan and Fei Fei covers. The viewers admired her as her hair added some subtle whimsical feeling to the beautiful and stunning styling.

The viewers comments that the covers of the fashion magazine with Gigi Hadid are gorgeous and she is really the supermodel of today. She is looking like modern day Cindy or Claudia and they will like the blasphemy to some people.

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