DIY Pedicure tips for sexy spring soles

DIY Pedicure tips for sexy spring soles
DIY Pedicure tips for sexy spring soles

DIY Pedicure tips for sexy spring soles

DIY Pedicure tips for sexy spring soles
DIY Pedicure tips for sexy spring soles

Since most of us are longing for an end to these long winters that passed and preparing ourselves for a season filled with strappy sandals, sundresses and safe tans, we’ve still some time to past especially if you’re in NY. You should pay special attention if the routine of your winter footcare was only to wrap your feet in warm socks. No more you can neglect your feet care. But salon-style pedicures can be expensive.
Surely, closed-toe shoes can still protect our feet but if we want to show our sexy soles in the beginning of spring, then we’ve to treat our feet with quite more TLC than usual. Therefore, we asked owner of Polish Beauty Bar, aesthetician and celebrity manicurist Susan Nam about giving her best tips for turning our winter feet for warm weather that is approaching, through a budget-friendly way.

How To Give Yourself A Pedicure

First use nail polish remover and cotton balls to remove polish from your toes. With a nail clipper or nail file; cut, file or trim your toe nails. The natural shape of your nail bed should be followed while you file your toenails. Usually, it is required that the top of the nails to be rounded and sides to be a bit square. This natural nail shape will help preventing ingrown toe nails and also keep nails away from getting caught in the things. After getting your desired shape, use buffer to smooth the nails. On the cuticles, put cuticle and gently push back.

The 2nd step is to soak them by taking some warm to hot water in a basin and help relax and ease your feet by adding some Epsom salt. For about 15 to 20 minutes, soak them.

Now to exfoliate, use a foot file or exfoliating scrub to gently scrub your heels, feet, the sides of the big toes and balls of the feet.  On each foot, simply scrub for around 2 to 4 minutes. The softness and smoothness of your feet will make you astonishing. You can consult a podiatrist if you’re having deep cracks in your feet. He/she can prescribe you a cream with lactic acid or glycolic acid which is beneficial to faster heal your feet.

Immediately after exfoliating when the feet are still little damp, always use a moisturizer on your feet. The water is helpful for the moisture to seal in. For naturalists, the products contain Vitamin E, jojoba oil and shea butter are better. For conventionalists, things like glycerin and Vaseline will do the job. If you’ve the problem of extra dry skin, you should use more quantity of moisturizer and then cover your with feet with plastic wrap and socks. The better thing is to do it for couple of nights.

Before applying any polish, make sure to completely clean your nail plate. So, first clean nail surface and then apply color. To remove all the left behind signs of oils, moisture, dust and lint, wipe the nail plate with rubbing alcohol or acetone. Use even and thin strokes while applying color. Use a good topcoat after repeating twice. The work is done once the polish is dry.

Now moisturize again by adding some extra moisturizer on your cuticles and to dry areas of your nail.

The last important thing is to maintain by brushing on a coat of topcoat in between midweek pedicures. It will help to enhance the life of nail polish.

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