Drew Barrymores New Diet Show


When we watched the title of the buzzy new Netflix series of Drew Barrymore, we got into rage. The images of the ill conceived weight loss show, Revenge Body of Khloe Kardashian were called to mind and we knew Barrymore as the working actress. She was the besties with lifestyle guru and junk food watchwomen, Gwyneth Paltrow.

When you turn out the show, you look at the body of Jennifer than Jenny Craig and the official description of the series shows that Joel and Sheila are the husband and wife realtors, who are leading vaguely discontented live in Los Angeles, which is the suburban area of Santa Clarita with his teen age daughter, Abby. Sheila goes through the dramatic change by sending their lives down the road of death and destruction. Barrymore plays the bored suburban mom, which turned into zombie at the end and it follow the cannibal and it is much like the Dexter.

The people can watch the full and hilarious trailer below and they can check out the premiere of Santa Clarita Diet on 3 February. We have only one concern that we have stomach to snack when we binge watch.


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