Etro Spring 2016 RTW Collection


Some of the fashion designers take the responsibility to have more specific archival aesthetic and the progress on this case prove their challenges. The Etro makes the copy of it excellently with lineup of the signature.

Etro stopped the display of the dresses openly and it starts integration in different selections from the flower bower of the new patterns of 19th century. The most of the dresses are prepared in beigey light brown and it is suggested for the tender age. The fashion collection, Etro adopted the cues from the techniques of early 20th century with the wonderful and unique working of lace and ribbon and has the haberdashery details. In the dresses, the ribbon bands are added, which can help to secure the dresses on the waist and the vibrant embroidered flowers are added on the sleeves. The dresses are made beautifully and it also heightened the luxe factor of the dresses displayed in the collection.

The designer said that he tried his best to give the sense of lightness and movement and the collection of the dresses has the froth and touch of gypsy. The dresses have the ballet in wrap sweaters and the soft skirt is present in pair, which is shown in tutus over the pants. She worked with the sports references and the evening oriented lineup is added with unenergetic tailoring. The women have the backstory and it is interesting to know the quality of the dresses.


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