Inspiring Ways to Wear Jeans

For several decades, blue jeans are getting more popularity than trousers. Giorgio Armani called them a symbol of democracy, Yves Saint Laurent wished to be their inventor while Andy Warhol wanted them to be his last dress in life. But …

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Return Fashion Trends to Runways for Spring 2017 by Big Data

It’s important to closely watch before buying a dress. Now, we have the evidence that the outfits mostly sold this season include sheer fabrics


Future iPhones Could Record, Fingerprints & Photos of Thieves

Apple has started working on the new anti-theft measure and it will record the fingerprints and the images of the thieves of the mobile phones. Patent filed


The people can find the denim styles in their town, city or anywhere they are living. You can find that half of the people like to wear the


Chic Backpacks Use When Schools Not in Session

Like many other fashion trends of 90s, backpacks are also again in the fashion while they are back in a very small and strange way as they are


Copenhagen Fashion Week August 2016

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen and the colorful fashion week was conducted in this city in which the leading and well known fashion


The Stars Come Out for the 2016 Teen Choice Awards

During this year’s “Teen Choice Awards”, we learned that crop tops is still in the fashion, Hillary Clinton is the most popular leader of the Teens


Most Expensive House Antilla Estimated at $1 billion

Mukesh Ambani is the Indian billionaire and he has built this 27 floor residence in Indian city, Mumbai. He said that he constructed this home with 5% of

Fashion style at Canne Film Festival 2016

Fashion style at Canne Film Festival 2016

The Cannes Film Festival is held every year and it is known not only for the famous films of previous year but also for the fashion style of

blake shelton and gwen stefani

Gwen Stefani Pays Special Tribute To Blake Shelton In Live ‘Make Me Like You’ Video

With the premiere of the first ever video during a Grammy’s commercial, Gwen Stefani made a history with her new single “Make Me Like You” which was about

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