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Glitter nail polishes give you most sparkly look that you ever wanted. Many fashion designers or models always try to add sparkly things to their wardrobe; one of these things is the glittery nails, which really add a bling in their designs. If you want to add a little sparkle on your nails, glitter nail polishes will be your best choice. But sometimes, people want to add full-on glam sparkle on their nails, so for these loose glitter nail polishes is perfect for them. You don’t have to go to different salons, which can be very costly for you. So stop draining your wallet, read this article and create your full-on glam loose glitter art by yourselves at home.



Choose your type of glitter:

Different glitters suits different types of nails.  These types of things are kind of finicky, and it is very important that you should choose the right type of glitter that matches your fingernails. If you have petite hands and short nails than a fine pot of powdery glitter will suit you. If you have larger finger and wider nails than a smashing glitter with larger pieces will suit you best. I will advice you all, with all type of fingernails, to avoid glitter with larger chunks of pieces in it, because it doesn’t stick smoothly on your nails, and gives your nails ugly and uneven look.


glitter mixes by try glitz and glam

glitter mixes by try glitz and glam

glitter tips

glitter tips

Choose a base coat that matches your nail color:

Before applying glitter on your nails, be sure to file your nails and clean them properly, and apply a base coat which matches with the natural color of your nails. To avoid horrible matching colors, try to choose a flat polish which is of same color as your glitter that will give your nails a nice sparkly look. If you want to use different shades of glitter than apply a base coat of neutral colors like black or white, that will give your nails a very glittery effect. If you are confuse in choosing the best base coat for your nails, put all the colors aside and use transparent base coat for total color freedom.


How to apply glitter on your nails:

First paint your nails with single layer of polish, let it dry for a minute or two, that way it looks tacky. When it is half wet and half dry, dunk your entire nail in a glitter pot, then gently tap your nails to the inner walls of the container, so that excess glitter could knock-off.  If you want to create a multiple glitter art, all you have to do is take an eye shadow brush, damp it with water and dip it into the glitter. Apply the brush on the nails smoothly, if you are using different types of glitters, remember to use clean brush every time you use a different shade. Let it dry for 10 minutes, and gently use a rag over your nails to dust off some loose glitter.


Protect your glitter nail art:

If you want your glitter nail design remains protected for many days, than you should use a top coat over the glitter nail art. First dip the nail brush into the bottle containing a coat, than apply it slowly over your nails. Try to blot the nail brush from the cuticle to the dip. Don’t ever try to sweep the nail brush on your glitter art, because that will ruin your design, giving your nails an untidy look. If you want to give your nails a more glamorous look, than apply the coat second time over the first coat after it is dries.

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