Future iPhones Could Record, Fingerprints & Photos of Thieves


Apple has started working on the new anti-theft measure and it will record the fingerprints and the images of the thieves of the mobile phones.

Patent filed by Apple

Apple got patent their application, which will be provided in the iPad and iPhone devices and they shared the details of this application, which will be used as the security mechanism. It will trigger the mechanism, which will cause the phone to get record the biometric information about the person, who uses it at the trigger moment through the use of Touch ID button.

How it could work

The trigger conditions will arise when someone tries to bypass the security of the phone or try to get the unauthorized access to the phone after using the third phone handset. The smart phone can record one or more fingerprints and it can also record one or more photographs of the thief, audio of the surrounding environment and video recording of the thief. The computing device will provide the stored biometric information, which can help the identification of the unauthorized users. The setting up of the simple trigger in iOS is not easy and there are some technical problems with the implementation of this system.

Problems with the system

Touch ID system is required to press the finger on the sensor many times to get register it. The fingerprint sensor is used to recognize the part of the fingerprint and you need to press the finger in multiple angles. When the thief wants to get unlock the device, he would not press his finger on home button.

If Apple implements the better finger print sensors and improved Touch ID system, then it can be fixed in the future. They can use it to take the pictures and record videos and it will be problem considering with the apps, which like to lookout.

Legal and Privacy Issues

The implementation of the sensor system can raise the security and privacy concerns about the new system and iPhone can be used to make photos and record and save the fingerprints of thief in the database of the company as it can also record your own database there. If the company stores their information on their servers, what they will say?

The CEO of Apple used the record of the company on privacy and the stance not to store the unencrypted information to market the products and services of Apple. The provision of the new anti-theft measures means that the features would not be provided in iPhones and other igadgets.

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