Get Prom-Perfect Skin Tips


We know that achieving a good skin is not easy and it takes time. But now, it is the best time to start practice for your best skin as prom season is just few weeks ahead. Before the start of the big dance, you can get a perfect shape by acting upon the advice of experts given below.

Make Some Ch-Ch-Changes

Famous dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer told that you should start at least six months earlier in order to get best results while following are few things that should be started as soon as possible.

Reduction your sun exposure is the first thing to do while the other things you want to do is monitoring your exercise program, diet and skin care routine. A positive effect on your skin will be evident with 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise along with adequate rest. You can also get rid of blemishes by reduction in refined sugar, dairy and caffeine.

Get on Your Derm’s Radar, Like Now

DHC Skincare editor Cynthia Popper recommends taking appointment six weeks earlier for acne issue. There can be active ingredients in skin care that can trigger in case they are aggressively in short time. In this case, you will clear your skin but can produce redness or flaking also. Therefore, it is important to use these products with balance and planning.

Edit Your Products Accordingly

Lancer told that blemishes can also be produced by your favorite products. Shampoo, conditioners and cosmetics can be watched by people suffering from acne. The use of oil-reducing element with salicylic acid is helpful in this condition. For the second step, you can use this Cleanse Blemish Control Cleaning Gel for this purpose.

Diet Is Only Half the Battle

In general, it is a good idea to avoid overprocessed food but there are several myths about role of several foods on producing breakouts. Popper says that healthy food and green juice can affect the health positively but that is not the only thong necessary for a healthy and glowing skin.  You can get amazing results with the combination of healthy food and skin care routine.

Skin Care Is Worth the Investment

Lancer told that investment should be done on the purchase of right skin care products but in case of financial restrictions, the initial things to be used are lightweight moisturizer, cleanser and a toner. But it is important not to rely entirely on brand name and also look at the ingredients of the beauty products.

DHC products are quite famous before prom but Popper admits that these products are very expensive for teens as they are product of Japan. She says her favorite beauty product in this case is rosemary mint Epsom salt by Dr. Teal. You can get rid of stress by having salt baths as stress is main cause of breakouts which is even higher than hormones and diet.

And Here’s How to Handle a Last-Minute Pimple

According to Lancer, the most important thing is to avoid touching your hands to the blemishes. You can open and cleanse the blemishes by using warm water compress on them daily for one minute three to four times.

According to Popper, astringents should be avoided as they even made the situation worst. Instead, remove excess bacteria by gently double cleanse your skin and use hydrating toner at the end.

Later, apply anti-acne cream only on the pimple 10% lactic acid is best as it removes pimple without damaging the skin. Use bandage in order to keep the product moist and also to take the lactic acid in the required area. Inflammation can be reduced by putting ice on blemish for several minutes before applying the makeup.

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