GoldenEye vacation spot for Luxury Lifestyle

GoldenEye vacation spot for Luxury Lifestyle

In this building of ‘GoldenEye’, the James Bond movie was shot in 1995 and it was taken as the college dorms for shooter video games and before this, it was used as the World War II spy operation by the 007 creators and the series writer is Ian Fleming. Fleming constructed this ‘GoldenEye’ building in Oracabessa, Jamaica and he also wrote his 14 James Bonds novels there. In 1976, Bob Marley, who was the reggae legend, bought it 12 years after the death of Fleming and he also sold this place to Chris Blackwell of Island Records founder just after one year. He changed the status of this building and converted it into a resort & gave the villas on rent for the pleasure of Johnny Depp and River Phoenix. Some popular pop singers like Ziggy Marley, Rihanna and various others also conducted their concerts here & this place is added with the spa and various other amenities for the people, who like to visit this place.


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