Gwen Stefani Pays Special Tribute To Blake Shelton In Live ‘Make Me Like You’ Video

blake shelton and gwen stefani

With the premiere of the first ever video during a Grammy’s commercial, Gwen Stefani made a history with her new single “Make Me Like You” which was about her boyfriend Blake Shelton. On 15th February, Gwen Stefani (46) sung a live music video during the 2016 Grammy Awards which is the first time ever in the history of these awards while she clearly told that she is singing this for Blake Shelton (39).

blake shelton and gwen stefani

blake shelton and gwen stefani

Gwen was having red lips and curled hair during her shoot of the hair. When she was in front of the bar during the shoot, name of ‘Blake’ was apparent on the wall which was a clear and sweet massage to her man. On 11th February, the song was premiered for the first time by Gwen which was one month before the release of her album “This Is What the Truth Feels Like”. Last year was quite inspiring for Gwen due to her divorce from her former husband Gavin Rossdale (50) and start of her new relationship with Blake. For him, Gwen sung her album’s first single “Used to Love You” while the latest one is surely for Blake for giving her happiness again.

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