Gwen Stefani Pregnant At 43 Year Old

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Gwen Steffani is going to be pregnant once again and now she is going to giving birth the third child. She has already two sons and now she is going to give birth to the third child. She and her husband, Gavin Rossdale are now pleased with the coming of the third child and now they are overjoyed. Now she is taking rest and make that all will be good with them as it is difficult for her to become pregnant at the age of 43.

Gwen Stefani Wallpaper

Gwen Stefani Wallpaper

The names of her two sons are Kingston and Zuma and now they are expecting for the third baby, which will be girl. The couple has already thought the name of their girl as Princess Manhattan Quetzlcoat.  They said that all other things in the past proved positive and now it will be once again.

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