Hair Piercing Cool New Hair Trend


Hair piercing is a new trend which is liked by many people. You can highlight your curls, braids and hairstyle by using beautiful hair statements. These are very much similar to the disco hair breads that were famous in the late 70s. You can get inspiration from Instagram feeds of Taiba and Jessy for Keash Braids. These two British girls were spotted having superb hairstyles. They show that you can use a simple hair braid look cool by using spikes, metal coils or studs.

Now the celebrities are also using this trending fashion. We have seen Rita Ora on multiple occasions by wearing spiky hairs with rings and pearls. In May on the cover of “The Voice”, Christina Aguilera was wearing the new look with a lavender-tinged version. This trend is better than body piercing as it is free from pain or any other hassle.

Now you can be quite creative by mixing and matching your hair piercing. You can either do so through embellished rings and silvery hair bands or you can make use of piercings and several edgy hair piercing and including coils for a diverse type of spikes. You can know about the 10 best hair piercing styles here below.


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