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The holidays are coming quickly and people start hosting the casual family gathering or celebrate the ‘New Year’ in style and the time has come to start its planning. It is suggested that they should keep their list short, sweet and totally stress free, when you got this. To celebrate the holidays, it is suggested to help them with the fail-proof list to serve, play and wear. The things, which are left for you and they sit back and have fun.

What to Serve:

A Bottle That’s Dressed to Impress

The people need to serve the bottle, that is dressed to impress and they can ask for more. The limited edition of Kim Crawford is Sauvignon Blanc and all thoughts of racking the brain to find one of a kind and the vibrant wine that will tickle the fancy of everyone. Now they should get it with some of the metallic gold bottles that can double the décor.

Artful Bites

The women do not need to spend their whole day in the kitchen to prepare the things and get them on the instagram. Who has the time for that and the number one priority for attending party is that to sip the perfect beverage, in which they all have mastered.

They need to have the small and artful bites. It can be the oysters served with the house made mignonette and they have got the great wine for it with the wonderful and tasty spread of different types of crostini or cheese and charcuterie plate to write about home. These things will satisfy the palate of everyone and they are super easy to make and look chic displayed on the right serving trays and wooden boards.

What to Play:

Avoid Traditional Holiday Tunes

The people who are joining you, they do not need to listen to ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ or ‘Jingle Bells’ all night. They also play the top 40 tunes all night and they need to avoid something. They need to maintain the curated playlist of the wonderful and melodious songs. The people, who will attend and pick the mix of the song and everyone, got the enjoyment on this song from hip jazz to dance music.

Use Spotify or Pandora

It is difficult task to pick the perfect playlist for every person present in the gathering. It is suggested that they can keep spotify or Pandora popped open on the laptop in the safe and spill free zone and the friends can add in tunes throughout night. It is creative work to add the new crowd pleaser to join to the playlist and they look for the new artists.

What to Wear:

Nothing Too Formal

The sequins are made in chic and also in the moderation. When they manage the hip party but not the black tie affair and their guests will feel uncomfortable while showing up in fuss free party attire and their answer to the door dressed to nines. They should think about the effortless style. They can add the modish sweater with favorite jeans and add with casual and cool dresses with their favorite booties and blazer. They can use the chic accessories along with gorgeous red lip and fabulous hairstyle.

Stylish Yet Comfortable Shoes

While we talk about the shoes, it is suggested about the retiring 6 inch stilettos to wear in the evening. Did they try it running around with the wine glass and mobile phone in their hands. They need to wear the stylish shoes to enhance their look and they need to try the most favorite and most comfortable kicks for night. They are added with wedges, booties, velvet flat and the dapper riding shoes to do the trick.

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