Hollywood Movie ‘Widows’



The newly released movie, ‘Widows’ is the first movie in five years from 12 years and Slave director, Steve McQueen has prepared this movie and he became the first black director to win the Oscar for the best movie. He wrote the movie, ‘Gone Girl’ with Gillian Flynn, which is the ethnically diverse cast of hot rising talent. The story of the movie shows that it leads the gang of women, who carry through with heist after the killing of their criminal husbands on the job. This movie will be released on 6 November in UK, 15 November in Argentina, Portugal, Italy, Czech Republic and Turkey, 16 November in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Norway, US, Sweden, Poland and South Africa, 22 November in Germany, Greece, Denmark, Australia, Russia, Netherlands and Hungary, 23 November in Romania, 28 November in France, 29 November in Brazil and 30 November in Spain.

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