Most Stunning Holiday Windows from New York

Within few days, the online discounts are going to start after which the holiday window is offering new incentives on the remaining pajamas and snippets in order to lure the crowd. Apart from that, it’s easy to have fun without …

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Holiday Gifts Keep for Ourselves

It is a possibility that you are among those people who like to be known as great gift givers. Everyone is waiting for your Secret Santa gift in


3D Homes That Changes According To Season

Soon such homes can be prepared through 3D printing that will be able to change their shape according to choice of the dwellers or weather. Such a


Campana Brothers of Brazil made Sushi Sofas and Stuffed Animal Stools

Campana Brothers are the two brothers, who are Fernando and Humberto Campana and they are the most famous contemporary fashion designers and they have been working


Most Expensive House Crespi Hicks Estate Priced at $135 million

Crespi Hicks Estate is the real masterpiece of real estate and it was built by the leading and well known architect and designer, Maurice Fatio. He built this


Most Expensive House Seven The Pinnacle Estimated at $155 million

This property belongs to Edra, who is the real estate developer of Yellowstone Club and Tim Blixseth, the timber baron and he is also co founder of Yellowstone

Most Expensive House Franchuk Villa Estimated at $161 million

Olena Franchuk is the daughter of second president of Ukraine and she got prepared this home for her. She added some other facilities like underground swimming pool, gym,


Most Expensive House Hearst Castle Estimated at $165 million

The Hearst castle has the 29 rooms and it is wonderful to be featured in the Hollywood movie, Godfather. The US president, JF Kennedy picked this home to


Most Expensive House Ellison Estate Estimated at $200 million

Larry Ellison is the owner of the house, who is the third richest person around the globe in 2013. He got prepared this home comprising of 10 buildings,

6) 18–19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Most Expensive House Kensington Palace Gardens Estimated at $222 million

Mr Lakshmi Mittal is the steel magnate and he bought this home for $222 million in 2008 and he is the current owner of this home. Now he

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