Most Expensive House Ellison Estate Estimated at $200 million

Larry Ellison is the owner of the house, who is the third richest person around the globe in 2013. He got prepared this home comprising of 10 buildings, man-made lake, Koi Pond, bath house and tea house. He is the …

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6) 18–19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Most Expensive House Kensington Palace Gardens Estimated at $222 million

Mr Lakshmi Mittal is the steel magnate and he bought this home for $222 million in 2008 and he is the current owner of this home. Now he

5) Fairfield, NY

Most Expensive House Fairfield, NY Estimated at $248 million

This house is spread on the total area of 63 acres and it has 29 bedroom and 39 bedrooms. This house is owned by Ira Rennert, who is


Most Expensive House The White House Estimated at $320 million

The white house is the official residence of the US president in which not only the US president lives but various offices are also present there in this


Most Expensive House Vila Leopolda Estimated at $736 million

Vila Leopolda is owned by Lily Safra, who is the Brazilian philanthropist and also widow of Lebanese banker, William Safra. This is the most beautiful and elegant villa,


Most Expensive House Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a house but it is not for sale, because, it is the official residence of Queen of the Great Britain. It was roughly valued by


11 Most Expensive & Luxurious Houses in World

There are some of the super wealthy homes across the world and their prices are ranged to $1 billion, which are added with various rare and most expensive


Home Decorations Ideas 2014 for better Interior Designing

It was said that “home is where your heart is” it basically means that home is a place where it give you peace and calmness of mind. It

11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space -On a Tiny Budget

11 Ways to Do Big Things With Your Small Space -On a Tiny Budget

In a small apartment, some of us are currently there and we’ve all been there. Smart apartment dwelling is on the rise as more and more young adults

Everything You Need To Sleep Easy

Everything You Need To Sleep Easy

Cozying up under the covers is the thing, if there’s one we love about winters. We take that back, actually. Any of the 365, we’d happily get snuggly.

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