How to Avoid Post-Workout Breakouts


There are various reasons to work out and we should follow them and do not try to make excuse for these work out. In the easy and simple excuses, acne is one of them and our teenage boys and girls make simple excuses that they may be blemishes to go out. We have different tactics, which we can exercise and adopt them to mitigate the chances of removing them. The young girls should spend some time in a sweat session and they can get rid of them. They should know the best way of avoiding the post workout. Dr Joel Schlessinger and Annet King, who is the director of global education for the International Dermal Institute gives advice to the girls for having breakout free workout.

Wash Your Face BEFORE You Work Out

When the girls start their workout, they should wash their face and remove the makeup from their face. If they do not remove them and let them on their face, then this makeup can be reason for clog pores and cause irritation on the faces of the girls. If the women and girls need some makeup while working and having sweat, then they should choose oil free or lightweight tinted moisturizer or add waterproof mascara and foundation on their face, which can help them in avoiding the pores. You should wash your face before going to workout or going to gym in the morning. When you wash your face in the morning, it clears the skin and let the pores open to take out of the sweat from their cleared skin. There is mix of dirt, skin, oil and debris, which is pushed into the skin so the girls should not use towel after washing their face, as it can cause the blemishes and clog the pores, which can hinder the sweat to come out of the clear pores of the skin.

Wear the Right Clothes

The girls should choose the right kind of clothes while taking the exercise. The clothes should be soft and loose and they can absorb the sweat during the exercise & it does not leave harsh on the skin. The fabrics should be soft and they can prevent the sweat to sit on the skin for a long time & it should absorb the sweat as well as give the soft and good sensation to the girls.

Put Your Hair Up

While taking the exercise, girls should put their hair up in shape of braid or ponytail, so that it should be away from the back, face of neck and do not create hindrance in doing the exercise. When the girls use styling products in the hair, then it can cause the breakouts after transferring it into the skin.

Be Careful About Touching Your Face

After taking bath, the girls use towel to rub or wipe their face. This practice can cause irritation in their skin and there may be some chances that the contaminants are also pushed into the skin of the girls, which can clog the pores of the skin and hinder the sweat to come out of the skin. It is necessary for the girls that when they touch the equipments in the gym, then they should not touch with their skin as the germs can contaminate their skin, face or body and it can have bad affects on their skin. As there are huge number of girls and other players, who visit the gym and the germs are added with the equipment and the diseases are spread with the contamination and the bacteria or germs are transferred from there, which can cause acne. When they come back from their gym after taking their exercise, they should wash their hands and body with the soap, so there may not be chance of the contamination of germs or bacteria on their bodies.

Shower and Wash Your Face After You Work Out

When you workout is finished, then wash the hands and face at once so that the germs and bacteria can be removed from your body. During the workout, various bacteria, impurities and sweat is added on the hands of the girls and they need to wash them at once, otherwise there is consistent danger of contamination of bacteria on the face and skin of the people. The leading doctors and experts recommend the use of clarifying the cleanser and salicylic acid on the body to remove the acne bacteria and they can exfoliate the skin with the use of glycolic acid. They should remove their clothes even they do not want to take a shower or bath after taking exercise or having the workout. Sweat is trapped on the body inside the tight knit clothing, and they can lead to the irritation, acne and other problems of the skin and body.

The people, who do not take shower, experts suggest that they can have pack of wipes in the gym bag so that they can have quick refresh. They like to have the alcohol free and natural astringent alternatives, which can be added with salicylic acid with the camphor and hazel to draw out the pimple causing bacteria and can stimulate the natural exfoliation to clear the impacted follicles and they can reduce the breakouts.

If the people want to have shower, then they should use antibacterial body wash during their shower, so that the bacteria and germs can be removed from their bodies. They should wash such part of bodies, which are touched with the gym equipment. Various equipment are used during the gym with back and chest and it is needed to wash them with clear water and antibacterial body wash. The people should use perfect soap and fragrance free body washes, as these are perfect for the removal of moisture from the body of the people. They should also toss their towels at the regular interval and it can help the people to get good and healthy skin after washing their body and hands. During the exercise or workout, microlaceration is created on the skin and it encourages the bacteria to sit on the skin, which can be removed with the use of soap or perfect detergent.

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