Iggy Azalea Threaten by Anonymous Hackers

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The 24 years old Iggy Azalea has been threatened by the unidentified hacking group. The hacker group sent a couple of threatening massages to Australian rapper star on Twitter saying “burn” her form the public if she does not hand out apology to 23 years old Azealia Banks afterward their horrible Twitter conflict.

Later on beefing with fellow rapper star Azealia on Twitter, Iggy has came out the newest objective of unidentified internet hacking group.

@TheAnonMessage, was the Twitter account that threaten Iggy, has already been deleted however you can read their recent massage in below.

They wrote this massage on 20th December: “MESSAGE: @IGGYAZELEA, from now you have got just 48 hours to issue a statement of apologizing to @ZealiaBanks and the protesters in NYC”.

“MESSAGE:@IGGYAZALEA If you do not issue so the memory of you might burn from the public quicker than the period of you become known. We are not joking.

48 hours were given by the Hacker group to Iggy for fulfilling to their demand and so far Iggy’s Twitter has still to be updated.

However they admitted that they won’t publicize the tap in full, the unidentified hackers admitted very clear that they have got an “x-rated” record in which its involved a much younger Iggy.

Their recent erased tweets alleged that they might publicize photos of the tape to verify it was, actually Iggy, and they as well alleged that a man with business suit is involved.

The single final tweet condemned Iggy that the sex video was recorded for the reason to assist her get a record deal.

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